September 11, 2012

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. It seems these days it’s much easier to  post one-liner in twitter or G+ rather than write a blog post.

Just wanted to post some quick updates here:

  1. Alot of time and energy invested into developing email conversation discovery and tracking for our Yoxel Personal desktop app did not go to waste (we stopped developing the app). The engine has found its better place within our cloud based service Yoxel Portal. CRM users love it:
  2. Some interesting ideas are discussed in our UserVoice forum now. Check out this one, for example, a sync mode that turns Basecamp tasks into Google Calendar events:
  3. I’ve been experimenting with, quite an interesting idea, which could be used as an alternative to blogging actually. Here is my subscription link if you care to read my nonsense 🙂

This is it for now.