Using Gmail labels to log conversations in Highrise under deal or case

January 29, 2013

Yoxel Portal is doing automatic email conversation discovery and logging for Highrise CRM users (read this article for details In this automatic mode a conversation is filed under one contact in Highrise and then is tracked by Yoxel Portal.

Now Gmail users can also use Gmail labels to direct the logging to a deal or case in Highrise. For that a gmail convo needs to be labeled with a Yoxel/<label> matching the deal/case name. So, create a parent folder/label ‘Yoxel’ in your Gmail account and then also create nested labels for deals/cases that you want to attach emails to:




An email convo labeled with any of these labels will be noticed by Yoxel Portal and logged in Highrise under the corresponding deal/case. Also the drip-rule labels can be used to active the BigDripper tool, our new follow-up robot (see this article for more details

Write me a line if you need any help with this. This capability will be available for our Outlook users later on.


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