Re: one todo list to rule them all?

November 17, 2010

Just to be more exact in responding to this post “one todo list to rule them all?” , let me list what our app has and does not have:

  1. Desktop app syncing to a site and allowing offline work – yes
  2. Item prioritization – yes. Ant it is visual, in a unique work-hours calendar, so estimation happens right away also.
  3. Main and sub-categories -no. Unfortunately at the moment it is just main categories (task lists)
  4. Cross-platform desktop software – yes. It is a java app.
  5. Sharing between users or just public access to the lists – yes, if you connect it to Basecamp (in the futute we’ll have our own way of make tasks visible to others)
  6. Mobile support – no.

Other bonus points for the app is that it is closely integrated with email and allows tracking of requests communicated in email conversations so it is really easy to manage a thread, identify a request and attach a personal task to it which you can quickly plan/estimate in the work-hours calendar.


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