Creating Demos / Screencasts on Mac

November 2, 2010

A couple of years ago I used Windows+DemoCharge product for demo creation. I was quite happy with that product, it could do exactly what I needed.

But ever since I  switched to Macs I have had trouble finding a similar application. The best I found was iShowU HD. And the app is very nicely designed but has a fundamental drawback, in my opinion – it does not have post-recorded editing capabilities at all. So you have to use iMovie.

The whole combination of iShowU (for recording) + iMovie (for editing and publishing) could make one’s life quite miserable. Like mine yesterday, when I needed to capture whole desktop and produce a YouTube screencast of a decent quality. With iShowU+iMovie I think you’ll pretty much be lost when it will come to selecting the right output settings (one to import into iMovie, another for publishing into YouTube). So I had spent 15hr and still did not find a good combination that would work well for me 😦

Late last night I was searching Internet for useful tips when I ran into this short tutorial/comparison of iShowU vs ScreenFlow:

Wow! I discovered that ScreenFlow is what I really needed, it is the DemoCharge for Mac basically. It has all necessary capabilities of post-recorded editing that I was looking for. I can say “good bye” to iMovie now.

I managed to create and publish my demo in just an hour or so, in a decent quality. It can even publish in HD and there are almost no configuration knobs to be lost among. Here is my demo:

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