Not yet another web-based PM tool : “early adopter” build #184 is available

October 8, 2010

There is abundance of web-based project management tools on the market. Most probably your organization is using one of them right now. How successful though? Have you noticed that most of the project collaboration in your organization is still done through email? That people are reluctant to log into the web portal every time a new task has popped up?

Seems like email (and chat) is what people prefer to use for communicating deliverables and concepts. It is email’s flexibility and accessibility that allows people to be more productive.

So Yoxel PCM is not yet another web-based PM tool forcing somewhat rigid web-based collaboration model on teams, it is a desktop application (Rich Internet App – RIA) that leverages the flexibility of the email and provides enhanced experience more suitable for managing projects.

We have just released the next “early adopter” build with a very useful “multi-owner” request capability. That is when you send a request (email basically) to a group of people and several of them can become responsible for the request. Yoxel PCM now can track progress status and commitment dates of all the owners. This is a capability you will not find in your MS Outlook and it has been asked for by a number of our users.

Read more about this build here.


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