Integrating email into your project management processes

May 10, 2010

Last couple of months we have been working with a number of early adopters of our new Yoxel PCM product. The feedback that is coming is extremely useful.

The updated version of Yoxel PCM (build #100) with the following enhancements is now available for launch from

  1. Simplified configuration of new email accounts:
    • Auto detecting IMAP/POP/SMTP account settings for addresses hosted by GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail
    • Retrieving MS Exchange account settings from existing Outlook configuration
    • SMTP accounts now added/edited in the Email Account editor
  2. Requests View:
    • GMail-like ordering added (by last comment received in the request channel)
    • Flag icons added to show requests associate with tasks
  3. Request Channel (Email Chat):
    • “Need response” mode added
    • Highlighting messages in the chat window to differentiate senders
  4. Improved time profile editor:
    • Day editor allows changing default number of work hours
  5. Calendar View look&feel:
    • Various decorative effects added for cursor, tasks, checkpoints
    • Day time profile correction information is made visible
  6. MS Exchange integration:
    • Identify “follow-up” flagged messages as ‘incoming requests’

Now, that the version is more stable we’re opening it up more:

  • The free “IMAP-only” version can be launched right away from the download page.
  • It is also easy now to launch the evaluation “IMAP+MS Exchange” version from our support portal.

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