Agile roadmap

October 16, 2007

Here is another great ‘real-life’ story of transitioning to ‘agile’ Agile Team (with personality observation) by Susan Lim. You know I like such stories more than any theoretical discussions on this topic, because it is very individual and it gives very good examples. I learn alot from these myself.

The point of having two plans, long term release plan (or roadmap plan) and a short term iteration plan comes up all the time with agile/SCRUM. (Agile Hallmarks post brings this topic up again and again, accompanied with very neat diagrams and chars.) I believe it is quite challenging to follow your roadmap. Sure you can create it as your management and marketing books tell you but will you be able to follow it exactly? If the market requirements change swiftly, will it make sense to follow it? In my case, having prioritized backlog gives me an idea of my overall roadmap but it is also quite flexible, because the iteration plans are really the ones that align that roadmap with current market situation. I have written down a few more thoughts on this topic before:

Does “agile” complicate your roadmap management process?

This O3 magazine article is even saying “Goodbye Roadmap”:

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