Yoxel v1.17 with a SALES module is available for download.

September 29, 2007

Release v1.17 (http://yoxel.com) has a bunch of new capabilities and I am quite excited to list a few of them here:

  1. YOXEL SLS (an experimental suite for sales teams), that has been only available in our on-demand version, is now included in the open source version. You get two subsystems: sales forecast tracking and product evaluations tracking. Many other CRM products have forecast/opportunity tracking solutions but you will not see many good product evaluations tracking solutions. We would like to think that ours are quite unique and powerful, plus they become integral part of the whole product management solution:

    Bridging the worlds of PLM and CRM

  2. Profile editing capabilities added for customer/contact logins. Besides entering contacts information only on your side (correct name/email/password/opt-out options/…), the traditional CRM way, you can now rely to some degree on the contact itself. Certain fields have been opened for your contacts, that have login access privileges, for editing. This kind of makes it CRM 2.0 – more interactive relationship with your customers and better feedback management :).
  3. CVS and basic Subversion integration is enabled though email comments support. Besides capturing email responses related to requests and attaching them to the request history/log, Yoxel in a similar way now can attach your commit messages coming from CVS or Subversion.
  4. Responding to a request from one of our users, support for Retrospectiva external bug-tracker has been added too. Now it is possible to configure Yoxel to import requests from one of these bug-trackers: Bugzilla, GNATS, Mantis, Retrospectiva. For a smooth transition to “agile”!
  5. … other more specific capabilities and bug fixes …


PS: And please send us your feedback.

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