Areas to improve for your software projects

September 20, 2007

A very insightful analysis indeed, by Carl Rogers in his post A little insight into our customers’ process capability …

With tons of useful graphs. A few things that I notice from the graphs:

  1. The most challenging problems that software projects face are: Delayed Delivery, Cost overruns, Poor Requirements, Unclear/Imprecise Business Objectives, Poor Communication, Lack of Testing
  2. Importance of software development process in building applications: hight for the most teams
  3. Use of software development process: In-house grown is the most popular one especially for smaller teams, compared to others like MSF, SCRUM, …

Clearly known agile methodologies emphasizing incremental delivery and frequent customer feedback management focus on solving #1 challenges and must be the only right way to go.

For the most part this survey results seem to be in agreement with the other survey that I mentioned earlier, done specifically for agile methodologies: Agile Project Management Tooling

The only major difference I see is that in Carl’s results the in-house/hybrid methodology and MSF are the most popular ones whereas in the other survey it is SCRUM and XP.

PS: Here is another article that seems to be quite relevant to the topic of the problematic areas for software projects: The Absent Product Owner anti-Pattern

One Response to “Areas to improve for your software projects”

  1. Carl Rogers Says:

    Thanks Alexey,

    I think the difference in results around identified methodologies is due to the way we asked the questions about ‘preferred processes’ – it was a general process survey that was not specifically aimed at agile proponents.

    We will look to do more surveys in future to try and understand the real adoption of methodologies in the marketplace.

    Thanks for providing links to other survey results – all very interesting.


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