Should I use Jira? Should I tighten my workflow?

August 10, 2007

There are different methods of project management in software teams. Which one is better? Which one is for you? Check out this insightful article by Tristane Bates and do not hurry to pick a tool before your team has not worked out the right process.

On software teams by Tristan Bates:

But Jeremy, that might be fine for you, but I can’t trust my developers to just do the right thing. I need governance. First, what are you doing to change their behavior? Secondly, why did you hire them in the first place if they can’t be trusted, or can you tighten up the hiring process. Three, is that really the case? I’ve heard this line about not being able to trust the developers far too many times. Why, or how, is the manager responsible, but the developers aren’t?

As far as tools go, I’m a hold out. I think these kinds of tools are only justified in distributed teams and even then, they better be easy to use and not cause any friction. I think that I can create far more project transparency while only using crude project management artifacts like story cards, but upping the communication and collaboration of the team. I think these tools are often perfume over smelly team mechanics.

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