Lightweight defect tracking

August 10, 2007

Adam Bullied writes about an interesting tool Pownce that helps him speed-up the work and communication during the final phases of releasing v1.0 of their new product: Some New Tools.

I don’t want to be sitting around filling out CR entries, assigning them, forcing developers to read them, re-assign, etc, etc… It would kill our momentum.

So, each morning, we compile our list for the day for development to work through (in true “agile” like style) and that includes notes we have logged / passed back and forth to one another using Pownce. It’s been insanely helpful for speed and completeness.

Take a look, it could be useful for your team too.

Stop reading here if you do not want to hear my biased opinion/ad for Yoxel 🙂

If you check out our demo account at you may notice that we have implemented a mechanism that allows you quick status updates and team communication during iteration work. The ‘history’ panel which can be found under [SOFTWARE]|sw releases|summary|<pick an active iteration> is exactly that. So here is an alternative for you which will do what Adam is talking about plus it will allow you to stay within your request-tracking/product-management environment and log all the communication.

Actually Adam’s description gave me a few ideas on how we could enhance the capability and make it more useful :). Thanks Adam!

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