Agile Project Management Tooling

July 12, 2007

 An interesting survey is published by Trail Ridge Consulting:

Some of the key findings in this report include:

  • Agile adoption still appears to be in an early adopters phase according to Geoffrey Moore’s definition in Crossing the Chasm
  • Scrum is the most prevalent process in use today, but is often integrated with other agile practices and methods
  • Larger companies only have a fraction of their development organization staff following agile processes and smaller ones are only just over half-penetrated
  • Organizations use a range of tools to manage their agile process, even if they have purchased a dedicated agile project management tool
  • Agile project management tools have overtaken manual approaches across all companies
  • Smaller companies are just as likely (if not more so) to use agile project management tooling than large companies; though some of their reasons differ

Plus also this:

Enterprise-class APM tools from VersionOne and Rally Software are the tools of choice for almost 30% of development organizations (see Figure 16). These findings represent about half the companies using a tool. The next two most widely used tools are open source options, ScrumWorks and XPlanner, with 9% and 6% usage, respectively. The final quarter of responders are split among many other solution options from Microsoft, JIRA, ExtremePlanner, TargetProcess, Conchango ScrumVSTS and others.

Check out VersionOne’s survey also:

(Just one excerpt)

Which Agile methodology do you follow most closely?

  1. Scrum           40%
  2. eXtreme programming (XP)           23%
  3. Hybrid / Custom           14%
  4. DSDM          8%

In general these two companies Rally and VersionOne do great educational job on agile project management so I would recommend to go study white papers, surveys, and any other material on their web-sites. Decide what is important for your team and how agile can help. How disruptive of a transition you are willing to take.

But after that don’t forget to come back and try Yoxel SW,  the “new kid on the block” open-source solution for agile product management :). It may not have as elaborate interface at the moment but definitely has key features that allow very smooth non-disruptive transition to agile models of project/product management. Well, that is my biased opinion.

2 Responses to “Agile Project Management Tooling”

  1. Kelly Waters Says:

    So talk about ‘post-Agilism’ seems somewhat premature!?

    Kelly Waters

  2. […] For the most part this survey results seem to be in agreement with the other survey that I mentioned earlier, done specificly for agile methodologies: Agile Project Management Tooling […]

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