Finding a good product manager.

June 11, 2007

I ran into this interesting article the other day by John Wark.

Where DO good product managers come from?

Here is a brief excerpt from it:

The most consistently successful source of good product managers that I’ve found is from the ranks of successful pre-sales product specialists. These folks have lots of different titles in different companies, but they are the technical sales resources who work directly with sales reps on understanding customer requirements, they often take the lead in presenting solutions to customer problems, and on planning the implementation of the product/solution in the customer environment.

In our industry (EDA) these pre-sales product specialists usually have a title of ‘field applications engineer’, ‘applications consultant’, or ‘product engineer’ and I see quite a few of them become very good product managers. In EDA start-ups often you do not even see a ‘product manager’ position, somehow an experienced AE, reporting directly to CEO, manages to drive the product management and pre-sales processes …

John makes very good points and I recommend reading his article.

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